Through these old streets I wander dreamily;
Around me Florence sweeps her busy tide Of life;
– William Leighton

History is everyday life in Florence. Going to work, every morning, the Mayor walks along the same streets, the same steps, he enters the same halls of Palazzo Vecchio as his counterpart, the Gonfaloniere of Justice, did in 1200.

The faithful gathered in the central St. Mark Basilica make the same gestures of those who crowded the church to listen to Brother Girolamo Savonarola in 1400. In the streets of the Oltrarno, the dozens of workshops of restorers, leather workers, jewelers, bookbinders, are the heirs of those gathered in the Arts and Crafts Guilds in the XIII century.

But history is daily life in Florence also thanks to the millions of tourists who come and visit every year, thanks to the fervent cultural activity and the promotion of artistic, commercial and gastronomic offer at the highest level, up to the excellent welcomes received at luxury hotels.

Those who visit Florence, become part of all those ‘stories’, that of the Grandeur era wanted by the De’ Medici, Lorraine and Savoy families, and the everyday life of a modern and cultured city, where it is a pleasure to stroll, shop and eat.

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That's Florence!

Stories, secrets and curiosities about Florence

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