Who we are and why we do this

That’s Florence! aims at being a new way for tourists to explore this magnificent city of art. The travel guide of Florence that we propose is a journey into the heart of the Cradle of Renaissance, a journey made of news, information, but also many curiosities and legends.

Florence is a heritage of all mankind, a very sacred place, where tourists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique world, where artistic beauties are an integral part of the city. Even today, with Florence being a city fully integrated into the universe of new technologies and communication, engaged in the typical activities of a metropolis, those who live, work or come and visit, breathe a different and old feel. This is the air and the atmosphere we’ve tried to pat with That’s Florence!, an atmosphere that pervades all the streets, alleys, palaces, monuments and gardens of the city.

It’s the air of History, with a capital H, which through centuries, people and events, has made Florence the mother and father of that Renaissance era that influenced all of Europe. Every citizen of Florence is aware and proud of this magnificence, and tries hard to preserve this great heritage in the best way. For themselves and the whole world.

In That’s in Florence! may be missing some of the information provided by other comprehensive paper travel guides of the city. Perhaps it doesn’t contain all the detailed descriptions about the interior of the hundreds of churches, which, however, are often found on site with audio guides or guided tours. But That’s Florence! offers the opportunity to get into the city’s spirit, to give consistency to the dream that the city itself is, with its mysteries, its hidden masterpieces, its beautiful “Arti e Mestieri” shops that today, as for centuries, create unique objects of Florentine Arts & Crafts.

With That’s Florence! we wanted to catapult readers, tourists, lovers of good taste and beauty into a quiet, almost contemplative world, where the whirlwind of the thousand things to see in Florence is more rational and thoughtful.
Florence hosts 250 churches, hundreds of buildings and monuments, dozens of museums. It’s unthinkable to visit them all. You have to choose. And That’s Florence! brings to readers all the best this city has to offer, with some goodies and special visions, even telling little anecdotes and curiosities.

Always with an eye on luxury, so that any tourists visiting Florence, can see and enjoy the city in this way, treating themselves to the luxury of being part of an ancient history. A city made up of people who, in the shadow of celebrities and enlightened dynasties, make history every day, with their work, with their pride of being Florentine.

That’s Florence! is part of a larger project involving many Italian cities of art. Places that annually welcome millions of tourists from around the globe. To which we want to give something more and different. Emotions that become travel memories.