Luxury Hotels in Florence

A charming stay in the Cradle of Renaissance

Hotels are the only proper places for lecturers. When I am ill-natured I so enjoy the freedom of a hotel where I can ring up a domestic and give him a quarter and then break furniture over him — then I go to bed calmed & soothed, & sleep as peacefully as a child – Mark Twain

Luxury hotels in Florence are a cult. Not mere accommodation to rest, but places of pleasure, relaxation and comfort, where to dream immersed in history. Indeed, many luxury hotels in Florence are housed in old mansions and historic buildings that retain the charm and charisma of the time when Florence was the cradle of the European Renaissance.

Within Florence’s 5 star hotels, nothing is left to chance. The rooms and especially the suites of these hotels are always immersed in a dreamlike atmosphere, with antique furniture and tapestries, and decorated by the skilled hands of ancient craftsmen. The rooms and common areas are a perfect blend of antique and contemporary design.

The one thing that surprises, amid such delicacy and harmony, is the discreet and hidden presence of the latest technology equipment, often required by elite tourists: Internet, HD satellite TV, bathrooms with bath tubs or Jacuzzis, fitness rooms and spas with beauty treatments available.

Finally, Chefs: the pride of every 5-star luxury hotel in Florence; they are skilled connoisseurs of flavorings and raw materials, master chiefs of small factories that create jewels to be delighted. International Chefs, who, after years spent gaining experience and know-how around the world, decided to stop here, in Florence, where a centuries-old tradition blends with contemporary history. Even in the kitchen.

Hotel Helvetia & Bristol

Located a few meters away from Palazzo Strozzi and the most famous shopping street of Florence, Via de’ Tornabuoni, the Hotel Helvetia & Bristol is an ideal location to enjoy the worldly and Renaissance atmosphere of Florence. The hotel is not only a luxury accommodation, but has all the characteristics to be acknowledged as one […]

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Grand Hotel Villa Medici

Grand Hotel Villa Medici is one of the 500 World’s Best Hotels selected by Travel + Leisure, one of the most prestigious journals in the hospitality & tourism sector. There are many reasons why it has been included in this list. First and foremost, its location. The hotel stands close to the gardens known as […]

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Montebello Splendid

Access from a private courtyard with fountain, Neoclassical furniture, style and soft lighting. Marble floors, antique furniture and precious mosaics that accompanied with great ease by Web TV, Wi-Fi, modern showers and jetted bath tubs. All this, just steps from the Arno and Ponte Vecchio. Montebello Splendid Hotel is a luxury 5 star hotel, an […]

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