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Here hath hied
Dante, of Florence now the greatest pride,
But whom, in life, she fiercely drove away,
To write in gloom his epic – William Leighton

Tourists visiting Florence get to the end of their journey excited, and frustrated. Excited for the wonders they finally saw in person, and not just described in the travel guides of Florence; frustrated because they know that what they have learned is perhaps just a thousandth part of what the city can really offer.

There are over 250 churches in Florence, several hundred buildings, dozens of public and private museums, and then bridges, squares, historic streets, villas and gardens. Not only an artistic heritage of inestimable value, but also truly unique in its proportions, considering the panorama of art cities around the world. Any monument or building in Florence, has a centuries-old history to tell, also because often, in time, it has been transformed, it changed its function, or has been under the control of friends and foes from every era.

All of this, the magnificence, the proportions, the grandeur and especially the amount of monuments and tourist ideas, are therefore source of frustration for tourists visiting Florence. Because in the end, despite the commitment and kilometers covered … they know that they know nothing.

For this reason, we have decided to make our contribution to those who are planning to visit the city. That’s Florence! is actually a travel guide a little different from any other: for each building, square, church, museum, and café, you will find a brief but significant curiosity, a little anecdote to give a colorful touch to the historical and architectural information provided.


Factory & Luxury Outlets near Florence

In addition to a tourist guide on the city’s monuments, museums and restaurants, tourists visiting Florence should also take a valuable list of must visit outlets and their friends’ ” shopping list “. It’s all about handbags, shoes, clothes and accessories signed by the major Italian and international fashion brands, found in the many discounted […]

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Piazza della Signoria

Piazza della Signoria is the political center of the city of Florence, if you look at it from the east side you will see that it’s bordered on the right by Palazzo Vecchio, which hosts a bronze copy of the famous Marzocco, the original is kept at the National Museum. Right in the front, towards […]

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Tourists visiting Florence have the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful places in Italy. Around Florence, stretch out sweet, rolling lands, rich in natural beauty and history. Over the centuries, between 1100 and 1200, in the whole area around Florence, Lords built castles and villas, and villages enriched by the work of artisans […]

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Historic Cafés

Those who are lucky enough to visit Florence with slower pace, will have the opportunity to savor an even more special taste of the city. The taste, smell and atmosphere that permeate some special places: not museums, palaces, monuments or the beautiful churches, but rather the old cafés of Florence, the famous bars, the century-old bakeries: […]

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Florence’s museums alone could justify a visit to the city. But a whole month would not be enough, because the 45 rooms alone of the Uffizi Gallery are the story of thousands of lives, those of the artists and subjects reproduced alike, no, one life is not enough, let alone one month, to know, admire […]

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The tour of the most beautiful churches in Florence is a unique experience. What we offer you is a really short journey, if compared to the entire architectural and religious Florentine heritage: in the city there are more than 200 churches (plus over fifty deconsecrated ones) which have been, over the centuries, places of artistic […]

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There are several hundreds of palaces in Florence. An incredible heritage that has its roots and foundation in the Roman era, but from the Renaissance until 1800 a plethora of other institutional and residential buildings were added to the city. The palaces of Florence are places where art and history have become a whole, and […]

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The squares of Florence have many stories to tell. For centuries, they were the centre of political, economic and religious life of the city. On the squares of Florence people argued, made purchases and listened to the sermons of friars who contrasted the behavior of lax citizens, and, there in the same public square (“Piazza”), […]

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